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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 31, 2012 3:00am-6:00am PST

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ugloo, it is spike freaking out after being ejected. teammates had to him back . he was arrested for fighting. >> it is time for your brew on the question of the day responses. time mag wreen listed the top five new year's resolution employ. woo wanted to know what of your new york's resolution. >> jb said to eat lunch with my daughter once a week and she loves it. >> i love new years and i will resolve the champagne . >> i have a total of six. five statements of the opening statement. disregard one through five . >> stay up to date with real news that matters. thank you for responding.
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"fox and friends" starts right now. good morning, everybody. today is december 31st. hillary clinton hospitalized with a blood clot and what it makes for the investigation of the attack on benghazi. >> dave: some are hearing that democrats want to use more tax dollars to reduce spending. we'll have the details ahead. >> we are live in time square. they are setting up the barricade and barriers out there. more on that . maria molina is down there am she is tiny amongst the sky scrapers. "fox and friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends".
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♪ it is nice and calm and in a few hours it will be bonkers. >> you have been down on the crazy evening. what time do they get down there? >> they start in the afternoon. they have everything in the gates carrolls -- carols and you can't go anywhere . >> adult diapers. >> pretty much. we talked about it earlier. >> it is new year's eve . if you are partying, time
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squares just at home we have your cure for the hang over and what you should drink and what you should not drink. >> a whole table. >> peter: i went and bought myself aspargus . what it can do to prevent a hang over. >> first, it is it the final day of the year. we can't really celebrate yet the way we would like tompt >> dave: neither can congress . >> at this hour we don't have closure . we thought it was looking early morning as senator lindsay graham was up . he said the president won. here is senator graham. >> people don't want to go over the cliff. i think what have we accomplished. a political victory to the president. hats off to the president.
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he will get tax rate increases on upper income americans. we have accomplished very little about becoming greece or getting out of debt. it is a political victory of the president. i hope we have courage when it comes to the debt ceiling. to fight as what we want as republicans. >> there was a lot of celebration but not anything to do with a deal being made. when house peeker john bone bone came in. republicans gave him a standing ovation . but there is no decision made. >> to chris wallace's name those who talk don't know . those who know don't talk. >> dave: some talk. republicans have made a significant compromise from what i can tell you.
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republicans have offered $400,000 thres hold for individuals and $550,000 for couples. that is a significant compromise for the republican ideology that did not want to raise taxes on the wealthy. it looks like they are come a long way and there is a $100,00000 . the estate tax and unemployment benefits. and there is all sorts of sequestitration and how they will accomplish thamp harry reid said there is significant distance with the parties. >> here's harry reid on the new yorks and whether or not we have a deal. >> i was grat tied to take the demand for social security benefit cuts off of the table. they shouldn't be on the table. there is significant
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difference between the sides but negotiations can continue. time left to reach the agreement and we have continued to reach negotiations. >> you have certain numbers that don't jive. republicans have offered up $365,000 for individual and $450,000 for couples. >> dave: low are than what i was told by aids. >> democrats offered $450,000 thres hold for couples. that is nothing, they will get there. there are so many other problems. sequestitration and unemployment and estate tax . cuts if they are real. >> the senate will be in today . it is likely we'll hear remarks from mitch mcconnel
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and harry reid. >> there is one mange sticking point. senate democrats wanted to use the revenue from where the thres hold is debt. not get rid of debt but use that extra money to pend actually. stiantor john kyle who is retiring, said the number of the spending is 600 billion and estimates new revenue from taxes will be same. what happened yesterday afternoon, there was a break down between harry reid and mitch mcconnel, and mcconnel sat down with the joe biden. maybe it is good cop and expect joe biden to be there to hammer out a deal between
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the two. >> this is what john thune has to say about republicans and what they want right now. >> republicans don't want to see new revenues and democrat tax increases used for new spending. that's where the members are trydrawing the line right now. senator bob corker is asking for specifics regarding the trillion in cuts that the president referred to on meet the press. and covering that from benghazi and on and on. >> and in your brew with david gregory you offered over one trillion and agreement with congress and avert the fiscal cliff. you are silent on the specifics. wrestling with the national's crisis help us to have a concrete plan and legislative language with you. >> it was interesting, very
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wide raging . there were not opportunities and he didn't get specifics when he talked about all of the things he's offered. at one point i offered so many changes and entitlements? i askscatched my head and wondered what changes and entitlements. he said the democrats arangry at me. i said what are the specifics. that was a interesting level. >> dave: he put in the corner and said only thing they care about is creating tax cuts for the wettley. demonize the opponent while you sate sit down. that works out it infuriate your opponent. the president's main goal is to raise taxings.
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put out legislation and put out a bill and vote on it >> the senate reconvenes at 11:00 today. we could hear from mitch mcconnel and harry reid. because no deal to avoid a fiscal cliff there is major uncertainty . investors are embracing for trading. dow plunge would 158 points on friday. it was the longest state of losses since july. there is a sell off over seas today to lock in profits. >> another major health scare for secretary of state hillary clinton. >> she was supposed to be back on the job this week. she is instead waking up in new york city hospital new york presbyterian. a blood clot in a follow-up exam. she was forced to cancel the
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hearing. lawmakers said a hillary clinton must testify before a vote can happen with senator john kerry. nine people are killed and two doysen are injured when a bus crashed off a highway. the bus was driving through a mountain pass. the bus plummled 200 feet down the slope. >> famous ball drop in sometimes square. beefing up security and thousands of extra chromes scattered in the crowd. trust me they are e top of unifs there will be bomb sniffing dogs commissioner ray kelly will said times square will be
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the safest place on new york's eve. >> you can see the security cam ras and nypd camera . you can see the officer looking. >> it is it a finely tuned machine. >> we are a couplev barricades up and there is it. >> who is to blame for the benghazi are the employees in the state department getting paid? >> while you were sleeping. a huge decision on the dairy cliff. are you about to pay $8 for a gallon of milk . ♪ ♪
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>> dave: brand new report on the tiror attack in libya placing blame on the state department and white house for not bringing enough security. president obama assured people that those responsible are held accountable. >> after the attack in bing beng is their need more accountabilitiment >> my message to the state department is very simple. we are going to solve this and be defensive about it and pretend it was not a problem. it was a huge problem and we will implement every single recommendation that is put forward. >> dave: but some of those employees are on the pay roll. they reassigned . republican strategist michael
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barnes and christy sesser. good morning to you. is this enough the explanation of how things within down and what he's done to corrects the problem. >> no, it is not enough. it was not since he denied it was a terrorist attack and hillary clinton had to step up and say it is my responsibility . then he said it is my. the administration is responsible. there is shifting of chairs in the state department, but ultimately the president successfully managed to diminish an issue of the national security to a personnel. my heart goes out to the families of the new year as they start the new year without the loved ones. senator susan collins had this to say. terrorist essentially walked right in to the benghazi compound and set it ablaze due to poor security and threat
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environment. that was flashing red. christy. does the president need to do more to clear up the problem and explain what went wrong? >> dave, there were 29 recommendation laid out by the board headed by former ambassador thomos pickering. secretary of state hillary clinton will undertake all of those and the president confirmed that. there is a process in place and one that is undertaken after a thorough review. one thing that the tragedy scored is greater need of the security of the embassies and the diplomats. it is troubling that the republican caucus voted to cut embassy security half a billion. the budge laid out by paul rhine rhine - ryan. >> dave: that had nothing to do with the benghazi ax tack.
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>> sure, why are republicans late comers to the issue of the security . why is it now? >> national security has to come from the president. he has to take responsibility. he's about to gut the issue. we have to deal with the fiscal issues. >> dave: the fiscal issue is still there. christy, the president slammed republicans on meet the press when it comes to the fiscal cliff handling, is that the right way to start the negotiation with two days left before the fiscal cliff or shouldn't he sit down and hammer out a deal with the senate republicans and house republicans. do you think a deal gets done? >> i do think a deal will get done. i think it might january 1st. i think we will briefly go
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over the fiscal cliff. the president worked on the issue months and months. the entire "crisis" is an issue of congress' own making . he was taping the meet the press on saturday. house republicans were cozy and doing nothing on the fiscal cliff. john bone bone took himself out of the negotiations and abdicated responsibility and said he would dole with whatever the senate and president had come to. i happening there is a lot of good proprosals on the table and something will get done, too. >> dave: it appears that senate republicans came a long way in sharing their desire for no taxes raised on the wealthy. $550,000 thres hold for couples is a significant compromise. but can they get anything through the house in terms of getting republican votes today? >> i don't think that will get
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through the house . the house was elected to protect the united states of additional obama care spipe types of spending . from the perspective it is it a char aid. he wants to raise tax for people with over $200,000 . patti murray tipped the president's hand when she said it is okay to go off the fiscal cliff . we get credit when we cut taxing back to the level they were before the cliff . it is it a political issue for them to attain their goalings. >> dave: some suggest that the president will be okay to go off the fiscal cliff . the president doesn't want sequestitration to go in into affect. hope they work it out. thank you for joining us from dc. coming up.
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>> 23 minutes past the hour. bad breaks are likely to blame in moscow. sliding offlet run way and on to the highway. the pilot tried to use all of the brake system . and it didn't stop. five crew members .
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count remay not go off the dairy cliff. they have agreed to a one year extension to the fire bill. price of milk could have gone up to 8a gallon. it is five, four, three, 2, one. >> ♪ and as you toast your way in 2013. you don't want to start off the year with a massive hang over. we have pamella here. she knows all well. they will start to drink early this afternoon it is it things
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you can to to mitigate the issues. they are simple tactics to put in place. your your age and gender and weight. first and foremost you need to hydrate and it is the most important thing to do. you lose a lot of water in your system as you drirching. drirching one glass of water. you will get as intoxicated and you will stay as high drated and will not have the pounding headache in the afternoon. food is essential and you can't drink on a system. load up on carbs and they will line your stomach am and apargus had aminnow acids that are good for your liver process the alcohol in a safer manner. >> dave bought the asparagus.
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it is the rate of conyou sumption. shots should be avoided on new years. i know it is going to happen. but you are imbiding a lot of alcohol at once. you can control that by having a glass of ice. >> clayton: drink cocktails on the rocks. >> it will help more. >> clayton: what about coke. this is my co-host who is a fan of coke. likes to do mixing them up and red bull. he's violated all of these. >> you are not listening to us, dave. >> clayton: avoid these and the sugary drink. >> coke or spite is great. but a lot of sugar will
3:28 am
actually increase the headache for tomorrow . and little pick me up with the bubbles. i say avoid it and add juices would be better for your system. i would go that route. >> clayton: cranberry juice. the bubbly . everyone is drinking champagne on new year's eve. >> a toast at midnight is safe . but bubbles expand and make you absorb. sneaking off early . i was saying try to avoid carbonated and drink wines or mixed drinks that you know have juices in them. >> clayton: save this one for midnight toast . finally dave snagged one of the red bulls this morning. bad move on the red bull. it is it a great product. caffeine will give the fast high and really fast crash
3:29 am
therefore. aroid red bull. tell make you feel groggy . you will be here tomorrow morning with this as well. >> i will have great advice for you tomorrow . >> clayton: there will be a lot of hung over individuals in the studios. thank you. still ahead on the show. hillary clinton hospital otherwised and the latest on her serious condition and what it means in the benghazi attacks and the testimony she was set to give . this year's new year's eve ball has something special on it something we are never seen before. we are live in times square with a close look. maria molina is there and she will flip the witch. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] kids grow up in no time...
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>> dave: welcome back it is 6:31 on 12/31. there is your shot in the morning. >> julia: guess whose birthday it is. ♪ it is your birthday today. ♪ that's why we are here to say. ♪ >> dave: if you did not know
3:33 am
it is it clayton's birthday and did not know he has those kind of moves, he does. the viewer sent that n happy birthday, bud i. >> julia: what are you doing for your birthday? >> clayton: i don't know after the show it is it tired. i will enyoy bloody mary and have sea food. >> dave: i brought him birthday bubbly. >> clayton: and dave's last year on the show and it is it doubly sad. i want to celebrate the birthday and yet dave is leaving. >> dave: we'll be happy today, buddy. 36. >> clayton: thank you. there will be drinking. >> julia: for many ofuv there will be. we'll get to headlines today. secretary of state hillary clinton is deal a serious major health chrisis. she was scheduled to return to work in the state department this week. instead show's treated at new york city hospital. new york presbyterianly for a blood clot found in a follow
3:34 am
up exam for her concussion. that forced her to give testimony in the house hearing on the benghazi terror attack. many lawmakers said clinton must testify before a confirmation vote can happen for john kerry to succeed here . we'll keep an eye on this situation . moving on the someone claimed the body of adam lanza for burial . the person did not want to be identified. his burial will be kept secret. he killed 27 people including 20 children and his mother and killing himself in a classroom in the school. all eyes focus on the fis california cliff. president obama extend happened the warrant list law for five more years. it allows the government to monitor over seas phone call emaims without a court order. doesn't apply to americans and they will not say if americans
3:35 am
were pied on . how dulike to look out the plane's window and see this. thisa is it a piece of the engine missing. it fell off after leaving. terrified passengers were told that the was turning around but couldn't land right away. >> we found out we are too heav tow land because they filled the gas tarching and they need to burn off fuel in order to land safely. >> julia: i would not be on a plane again. it circled the plane for half an hour before coming in for landing . no one was hurt. >> clayton: one time i was on a united express flight when i was a reporter. they de-iced the plane and machine looked out of the window and the engine and wing was on fire. >> dave: that is it a single engine plane. >> clayton: the pilot said you may have noticed the wing on
3:36 am
fire. we are burning off excess fuel. what snathat is it not normal. >> dave: talking about nfl post season. set up the match ups. rg3, playoff bound. rookie quarterback leading the redskins to the first nf c title. washington beat dallas. 28-18 . win or take all game for washington in the 7-game winning streak thanks in a large part to the rookie alfred morris. rg3 was injured in the ballgame and threw for about a hundred. he was a beast in this game. what a season he's had . another great game and a thrilling finish for the packers and vikingings. christian ponder finds michael jenkins for a touchdown. ponder had probably his best game of the season at a crucial time. aaron rogers and you the pack
3:37 am
come right back. they score to tie it up. this game was all about one guy. edwin was waiting for adrian petersen to break the record of aaron dickerson. he came so close . had he scored he would have had the record. he came up nine yards and anddoes go over the 2000 yard mark and stockholder greatest season . might be your mvp if you can beat out peyton manning. there is the field goal. and get a rematch with the packers, adrian petersen is the man. >> here is your playoff match up. another game between the vikings and packers. should be a classic . how about the rocky quarterback match up between russell wilson and rg3
3:38 am
highlighting the best quarterback class ever. atlanta falcons get the advantage throughout and 49ers get the two seed and get a bi. here is the your picture. bengals and texans have stumbled. andrew luck and the ravers and broncos my denver broncos at a advantage . patriots get the two seed. what an inspiration for the indy team. chuck back for one last game in the regular season. >> this is the entrance to the field. that was the entrance and he teared up as he did in the press conference and a standing ovation for the coach. back on the sidelines first
3:39 am
time . now it is in remission . what a story for chuck. chuck strong, there it is it the phrase all season long. wonderful guy and wonderful story. incredible job getting the team to the post season. >> clayton: an amazing story with indianapolis. worst team last year in the nfl to one of the best. >> dave: that makes andrew luck a contender for mrp in my opinion. >> clayton: it is new year's eve . we'll get out to time square. >> julia: this poor girl is shivering . going to blow away. what is going on maria. >> hi, good morning, what are you talking about. it is so warm up here. no wind or nothing it is it perfect. yes. we are on top . building call would one times
3:40 am
square in manhattan with the water ford crystal ball for 2013. i have regan who is the director for waterford . you have been with the company for 21 years and seen the evolution of the crystal ball. tell me about that. >> it is exciting. we have done the ball for 1999. we are unviling a theme of let there be peace. we have thest crystal ball in the world and showing off the new design that we created for this year's political event . each panel represents peace and you have done something special as well as a tribute to dick clark. he passed away and he was the ultimate ambassador for new year's eve. we engraved one of the crystal panels with his name and (ed
3:41 am
to his wife kelly clark and that will remain on the ball for all of 20 thereto 13. we are honoring a great man who did so many things for the new year's stell and it will be on the ball when we lower it down. >> he died 82 year old in the month of april. you have a crystal with you. right. this is amazing. this is just a sample from the ball. >> this is it a panel and showing three carved doves that is it the iconic symbol for peace. it is so excited, we invite the world to send messages of peace. they can tweet us hashtag . facebook on the waterford facebook page and times square alliance . we'll read these toasts tonight at new year's eve .
3:42 am
we'll read two or three and read them out to the world. >> that is amazing and that twitter page. peace nyc. >> thank you for taking time to talkitous. it is 12 feet in diameter and weighing 12,000 pounds x. dave, good news for you. actually, i found out taylor swift will perform your frave - on favorite song. >> dave: i will never, ever, ever, listen to that song gangagain. >> clayton: i tweeted a short time ago, my least favorite was call me maybe. >> julia: my favorite. mr. #1: i like it >> clayton: your least is taylor swift song. >> julia: never, ever, ever, ever. >> dave: i like taylor swift but that is the worst song i ever h. >> julia: i don't like
3:43 am
the talking in the song. it is learn >> dave: like a nine year old read that? >> julia: you can't diss taylor swift because she is so talent a hard worker. >> dave: and a sweetheart. >> clayton: but tweet the less fave rut songs of 20 12. >> dave: where is my list. >> julia: what is wrong. >> dave: i love sam adam levine but that song is brutal. >> julia: not a fan. >> dave: what going over the fiscal cliff means for military familis and why they will be hit hard. veteran of the iraq and stan tan explaining next. >> clayton: kim kardashian and kanye west and a baby. they are pregnant. it wasn't posed to happen? hum.
3:44 am
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>> clayton: can yeah west lets the cat out of the bag. can we make noise for my baby mom a. >> clayton: his girlfriend kim kardashian is pregnan. sources say she didn't know he was planing to tell everyone. oops. could plastic surgery be good for your health? >> the time has come for the lips. are they wax? excuz me. >> clayton: a new study finds that facial expressions influence how we feel . snoothing out frown lines with botox. the mood improves. see that juliet? >> julia: what is that
3:47 am
supposed to mean, clayton. for many of us falling off the fiscal cliff might mean paying for more taxes. many could lose their jobs and health care as well. peter is a retired captain and ceo for veterans . joining us from beautiful stave philadelphia. what is your biggest concern right off of the top? >> right off of the top. biggest concern, that i am happy today i have a christmas gift. my minnesota vikings are going to the playoffs. military families are getting a lump of coal . getting unpredictability in the future about spouses and military members and civilians will have a job and in the benefits they have earned and deserved. you laid a couple of them out there. health care and premiums. they will change and be scale
3:48 am
would back and you have nothing but uncertainty but going in for military families and washington kicks the can further down the field it gets worse and worse. quartert of the way in the year . dod will have to make more than 10 percent cuts. it is across the board indiscriminate cut hit in base and off base for military families. >> julia: it is funny. i have sailors staying with me . a couple of friends and they're all navy personnel . just listening to them. it is it a tough life period for them . you add in all of the cuts that are happening and it caused a lot of people to struggle and give us the example of what they are experiencing on base because of cutbacks. >> they have a comissary and post change of px .
3:49 am
these are stores that provide discounted food and grocery and walmart type of score they can access it. reduced access for retirees . they can come and access theses of things and they have to find ways to squeeze pennies . that means pushing back on the benefits. they are fringe ben 50s of the military and there is it a lot of uncertainty for you and your family. they are the most population in the united states. moving from base to base. you don't know what type of access you are going to get. they are indiscriminate. >> and you are likely to see a increase in tricare. explain that. right now tricare fees have not gone up the way health care fees have gone up in the civilian side.
3:50 am
there is a depressed for sometime . you can see them dramatical low increased and three times as much as they are today . they could pay $600 or less than that . there is big increases in what they are paying for tricare. >> and defense contractors. it will not be purchased again . pete, thank you for joining us . happy new year and hopefully better news in the new year. >> coming up. mickey mouse on mercurrie . coolest out year . live to times scare . it is a chilly morning with a sneak preview of the preps underway and people are starting to gather out there already. at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons
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♪ >> dave: welcome back the countdown to 20 13 underway. over one million people will pack in times square and final preparations are underway . live from time squares is lauren. and these are the normal glasses that she wears. i don't see anything odd about it at all. >> these are my special new year's eve glasses and i brought it to wish you a happy new year. several hours early. happy new year. >> and couple of blocks from me and hours from now. a million people will pour in times square. fiver the security weep and make sure it is safe and 3:00 p.m. eastern time that's when they will crowd in there and they can't leave .
3:55 am
they are stuck there and they love being there and it is cold 30 degrees weather to see the beautiful 12,000 ball drop. it is an amazing experience. i am a born and bred new yorker and seen the ball drop live one time. our entire crew most of them from new york. no one does it because it is so crowded. but it is so much fun. a billion people from around the world will watch the times square festivities and performance by taylor swift and so many others tonight it is it a great experience. times square alliance spend two and half million to put on the party and 50,000 to clean tup. direct spending and the economic impact here in new york from new year's eve is 25 million . that's a lot of money in the small area of the city temperature is a huge economic
3:56 am
output. it is fun to be here. we are early . i spoke to a couple of guys from southafrica. you are starting new year's early . yeah, we'll stay in this area . we can't get a hotel room and we'll just walk around the surrounding areas all day and night and overnight into the first day of 2013. i told them they were crazy but they are 20 years old. would you have done that at 20. >> dave: i don't know. >> clayton: i am like a four year old . get coffee in me and alcohol and i need to be a clean bathroom. >> dave: inquiring minds , upon want to know>> you would wear these. >> clayton: if i am in if i'm scares i need to know the bath woom. porta potties. >> we didn't see porta potties. >> clayton: i don't get it. >> dave: i don't know. get to the - on
3:57 am
>> clayton: i will be check nothing. >> i will find out answers. >> clayton: she is an ambassador with us. >> dave: thank you, lauren and happy new year. coming up. less than 24 hours and we are falling over the fiscal cliff . why can't lawmakers get the deal done. donald trump weighs in on that in the top of the hour. >> clayton: one thing people promise to do in the new year and we'll tell you what it is. goodbye ite christmas just got "blacked out." [ brother ] but it's the family party! really jingles your bells, doesn't it? my gift to you! the capital one venture card! for any flight, any time! that's double miles you can actually use! how illuminating.
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what's in your wallet? let me guess, am on the naughty list again? ho ho ho!
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he >> juliet: good morning, everybody. today is monday, december 31, i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen. serious story to start out with. hillary clinton has been hospitalized. she has a blood clot. we'll have a live report with the latest on her condition and what it could mean for the investigation into the attacks
4:00 am
on benghazi. >> dave: sorry, america. less than 24 hours to go but no deal on the fiscal cliff. why can't lawmakers get it together? we'll ask a master negotiator, donald trump, what is happening in this process in moments. >> clayton: and say good-bye to 2012. we are live in times square with the man in charge of putting on the biggest show of the year. "fox & friends" hour two begins right now. ♪ i'll never ever get back together ♪ ♪ . >> juliet: oh, in honor of dave briggs, this is his last day with us. he's moving on to different pastures. >> clayton: so play his least
4:01 am
favorite song? i asked you to send us your least favorite song. that's dave's. mine is "call me maybe". and toba knows it's my birthday. please do not play that song today. that's my only wish. >> juliet: i can't wait to hear "call me maybe." how do you guys not like that? i don't get it. let's get to some headlines. major health scare for secretary of state hillary clinton. she was supposed to be back on the job this week, but instead, she is waking up at new york presbyterian hospital. she's being treated for a blood closet it was found during a follow-up exam for her concussion. that concussion forced her to cancel testifying at a house hearing on the benghazi terrorist attack. lawmakers say she must testify before a vote can happen on whether senator john kerry can succeed her. we'll keep you updated on her situation. tour bus crash leaving nine people dead, more than two dozen
4:02 am
injured. the bus apparently slid off an icy highway and crashed into a ravine in oregon during a trip from las vegas to canada. the driver apparently lost control of the bus, crashing through a guardrail, then plummeted 200 feet down the slope. the mountain pass the bus was on is known for dangerous weather conditions. accused of pushing a man to death will undergo a psychiatric examination. 31-year-old aircraft coo menendez was laughing so much, her lawyer told her to stop when she was arrested. she told police she pushed the man because she thought he was a muslim and wanted revenge for september 11. and check it out. nasa releasing its favorite pictures of the year. 500,000-mile long solar flair exploding by the sun over the summer. the historic landing of the rover on the surface of mars. there you go.
4:03 am
saddlely images of sandy churning the waters along the east coast. that blows my mind. here is shuttle's final voyage taken it flew over the capitol. that's really cool. finally, a little bit of fun. three craters on mercury's surface that look -- >> clayton: like mickey. >> dave: perhaps mickey set foot. >> clayton: he could have. he's been all over the place. a steam boat. >> juliet: very busy there. >> clayton: thank you so much. let's bring in the master negotiator himself, donald trump, author of the book "time to get tough." he's on the phone. >> juliet: hello donald. >> clayton: hi, and happy new year. >> you, too. >> juliet: what are you going to do for your new year's eve? >> i'm in florida. i always like the cold weather, but i'm down in florida, at
4:04 am
marla goh with the family having a good time. >> dave: we want to ask you what's happening with this fiscal cliff negotiation. i thought it was interesting yesterday when the president sat down with david greg spree instead of talking about bringing the two sides together and compromise, he said a very clear tone of demonizing republicans. i want to play you what he said and get your reaction. here is the president on "metropolitan the press." >> so far at least, congress has not been able to get this stuff done not because democrats and congress don't want to go ahead and cooperate, but because i think it's been very hard for speaker boehner and republican leader mcconnell to accept the fact that taxes on the wealthiest americans should go up. they say their biggest priority is making sure we deal with the debts in a serious way. but the way they're behaving is that their only priority is making sure that tax breaks for the wealthiest americans are protected. >> dave: you negotiated hundreds of contracts. is it a good tactic speaking about the tactic to demonize
4:05 am
your opponent before trying to sit down at the able and hash out a deal? >> he's very condescending and when you listen to those words, if you're the other side, you put your arms up and say, i'm not going to do a thing. that's really what's happening with this country. we have no leadership at many levels and you look at the dislike that everybody has for each other and it's going to be very hard to make a deal. i would like to see frankly, no deal, go over the cliff, as they call it. i call it the curb. it's a cliff. go over the cliff and negotiate the big deal. you can't negotiate these stop gap deals. what they're look to do is little stop gaps and kicking the ball down the road, which would become very -- we've become very good at. we kick it down and get nowhere. other countries are eating our lunch, what they're doing to us is amazing. if you look at other countries, many other countries, china being the number one culprit. the opec nations, what they're doing to us is incredible. and i look at what's going on
4:06 am
and all we do is just kick the ball down the road, keep going along. i'd rather go over the cliff and make the big deal. don't forget, we have a very important moment coming up in about a month and that's the debt ceiling. and for those people that don't get it, that think the republicans have no cards, and unfortunately, you know, i'm a republican and i can tell you we have lots of cards. the republican negotiators have lots of cards because we have the debt ceiling coming up. >> juliet: i actually sort of wanted to segueway into that. you mentioned leadership on both sides of the aisle questioning the strength of the leadership. lindsey graham was on fox news yesterday and he said a couple things that were interesting. and one thing, he used the term, the president won. you elaborate more, and you can't take it out of context. what's the feelings about how the republicans have, and since you are a republican, how they have a.c.t.ed and negotiated
4:07 am
throughout the course of this entire drama? >> i saw that segment that the president won. am nothing has been done. so he hasn't won. nobody's won. somebody's going to win perhaps. the country should be the winner. the only way the country is going to be the win service to negotiate a big beautiful deal, having to do with everything and ending all of this. this has been going on for years. what we're going through now has been going on for years. in a month with the debt ceiling coming up, you can imagine what's going to go on then. we never turn on the television. we never hear any stories about positive with respect to our government. it's always negativity, fighting. there is no leadership. nobody is getting along. >> clayton: let's talk about these numbers. chris wallace was saying yesterday, when you're in these negotiations negotiations and you've done a lot of these, so take us hyped behind the scenes. most numbers won't find out
4:08 am
about the numbers outside of the room. how much taxes will be raised and those making $400,000, truth is, we don't know, right, because you're in those closed doors and no one outside of it is privy to that information at this hour. >> that's right. and i heard chris' statement and i agree with it 100%, the ones that really know, they're not talking. the talkers are the ones that don't know what's going on. the fact is, and i thought it was a very good segment 'cause it's true. but the fact is that it doesn't matter whether or not we know. the small group of people that should know, and those are the people that are supposed to be leading this people and they're not leading the country. >> dave: donald, to be the bearer of bad news, your taxes are going up. you're going to fit in whatever category it is. i think you make enough money that it will fall under whatever deal. you just said you you wanted a g deal and that will include some sort of taxes being increased on the wealthy. what number is enough, do you think, to satisfy republicans and not devastate the economy in
4:09 am
terms of punishing success and hurting job creators? what number in terms of the wealthy getting their taxes raised? >> the key is going to be expenditures because this country is spending far more than it can afford to spend. we're borrowing all of our money from china and other places and they can't believe it. and i can't believe it when i watch what's going on. and you could raise taxes all you want, but it's not going to be enough to solve the problem. the expenditures is really where the costs, are really where we have the big problem. as part of an overall deal, do i mind if my taxes go up? will it affect me? what i want to see is an -- they do a great job on expenditures, i guess he everybody can expect there is going to be a tax increase for a certain group of people. would i be willing to say yes to that? i think the answer is yes, if the expenditures really -- and i mean by a big margin, really go down so that this country could become balanced. we owe $17 trillion as a
4:10 am
country. and unless something happens, there is going to be disa catastrophe the likes of which we've never seen. so the leaders have to get together and they have to make the big deal. not a stop gap. i'm watching you this morning and they talk about the little deal, the little deal, there is no little step. it's only a big step. >> clayton: to your point, donald, raising some of these revenues will run the government for 15 days, that's the amount coming in. i want to ask but this, second term, because president obama yesterday on "meet the press" was asked about this question, what does he think his top priority is for his second term? and he said immigration reform is his top priority. listen. >> so what is your single priority of the second term? what is the equivalent to health care? >> well, there are a couple of things that we need to get done. i've said that fixing our broken immigration system is a top priority. i will introduce legislation in the first year to get that done. i think we have talked about it
4:11 am
long enough. >> clayton: obviously a huge thing that needs to get done. should that be his top priority? what about jobs. >> juliet: a top priority. >> he didn't really say that. he said it was a priority. >> clayton: he said that before he got elected the first time. >> right. and it is a top priority. and the republicans ought to take the lead. they have to get smart. they can not have what happened to them with immigration and other issues sabotage their elections. you look at what's going on and frankly, the republicans should take the lead on immigration. so it is -- again, the word he used was a top priority, 'cause it was jobs and there are lots of top priorities, frankly. and jobs would be at the top of the list also. but immigration is very important and the republicans have to get involved, otherwise, look, they're never going to win another election unless they do something. so the republicans have to get smart and in my opinion, take the lead on immigration and lots of other things. >> dave: sounds like a man who may want to jump in once again.
4:12 am
follow in that real donald trump at happy new year to you, enjoy florida. >> juliet: happy new year. >> thank you very much. thanks. good-bye. >> juliet: i was down at mara lago once. it was the cool insist thing ever. it's like you don't want to touch anything. it's so beautiful. >> dave: coming up, even though lawmakers can't reach a deal on that fiscal cliff, here is one thing they do agree on: raises for themselves. stuart varney fired up about this one. he's on the way in.
4:13 am
4:14 am
>> dave: welcome back. do injure job, well, your boss might give you a raise. >> clayton: except if you're a member of congress. despite the fact they can't strike a deal on the fiscal cliff, the president is giving everyone raises. 900 bucks in their 2013
4:15 am
paychecks. they're going to get that. and a little bit more. members of the house and senate, an increase of 900 bucks and even more than that. we're joined by stuart varney, the host of "varney and company." he's got a company. happy new year. >> good morning. >> clayton: what was your reaction when you heard the sort of midnight deals were put in place to give congress raises? >> i was shocked. look, there is intense anger in america today at the frustration about what's going on in washington. we've come right down to the wire. we've got a financial crisis on our hands and you can not get the two sides and the president together to make even the most simple agreement. we've got 17 or 18 hours left. that's it. along comes the president and he signs an executive order, i believe late at night, quietly on a holiday weekend, which gives a pay raise to all members of congress. these are the people who have failed to come to any kind of an agreement and a pay raise to all
4:16 am
federal workers who are also higher paid than private sector workers already and get much better benefits. the case of congress, 535 people, it's a very small raise, but it's the principle of the thing. why do you get a -- >> clayton: it's common sense, right? >> totally fail to do your job. >> dave: it's not just the fiscal cliff. this is one of the least productive congresses going back to the 19 40s in terms of bills they've signed into law. but clayton said the other day, maybe less is more. maybe we should give them a raise for doing nothing because the less -- >> clayton: less regulation. >> dave: less bills, less government. maybe that's good. >> isn't this the absolute classic situation of a breakdown in our political culture being rewarded with extra money? clearly our political culture is broken down. you can't get an agreement on something as important as this? you leave it right to the very, very last second, coming and going like this? you can not get elected in
4:17 am
america today unless you cut some kind of spending. so what do you do? you raise spending to the people who cannot cut. that's extraordinary. >> clayton: it is unbelievable when you look at $17 trillion in debt. you are something of a fan of europe. you know what -- >> what. >> clayton: you know what kind -- >> take those words back! >> dave: he's never going back. i don't think he's been to london in a decade. >> clayton: what about france? when is the last time you've been to france? >> 20 years ago. >> clayton: they did something fascinating that you may like yesterday. >> no, no, no, you've got it all wrong. >> clayton: they shot down the -- the court shot down raising taxes on the rich, that tax rate was set to go up to 75% under the new leader of france. that's not going to happen. can we learn something from that? [ laughter ] what you learn is that the french government will immediately reword the law, resubmit it and actually catch even more people who will pay 75%.
4:18 am
>> clayton: just the rich, the gerard depardieus. >> if you want to tax rich for ideological reason, you're going to do it no matter what the economic results. that's true in france and probable will he in america. >> dave: yes or no get a pick cliff deal done? >> very last minute, exceptionally narrow deal based on 4 or $500,000 deal, tax those above it. you've still got a huge mess on your hands any where i you slice it inasmuch watch slash. >> dave: watch varney to see what deal is cut. >> clayton: are the markets open today? >> yes. >> nice knowing you. >> clayton: coming up on the show, comedy, more like -- the romantic comedy that's more like a nightmare. the best and absolute worst movies of the year. what in the world? what does it have to do with
4:19 am
that? >> dave: i don't know, but that's a good movie. whatever it is, i want to watch it. >> dave: i think it's talk being this next story. do you have a new year's resolution. we'll tell you the number one thing people are promise to go do this year. >> clayton: i get popcorn and watch that. i'd watch that for two hours. [ laughter ] [ piano plays ] troy polamalu's going deeper. ♪ and so is head & shoulders deep clean. [ male announcer ] with 7 benefits it goes deep to remove grease, gunk, and flakes. deep. like me. [ male announcer ] ad & shoulders de clean for men. ♪
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4:22 am
>> clayton: welcome back. it's your new year's eve edition of news by the numbers. first, number one. losing weight will often top the new year's resolutions for most americans. it's at the top of the list again this year. next, 38%. that's how many people won't be making a new year's resolution when the ball drops tonight. maybe they'll wait a month. 44%. that's how many people are
4:23 am
planning to smooch someone when the clock strikes 12 if they're not asleep. >> juliet: all right. from hollywood block busters to smaller, more personal films, there was a wide variety of films out in 2012. >> dave: we'll look back at the best and worst movies of the last year with kevin mcconsider thee -- mccarthy. good to see you, man. >> i love you, thank you so much for having me on. it's an honor to be on this morning. >> dave: great to have you. i haven't seen any movies, so i'm happy to hear y tell me what i should get on netflix. your top three starts with number 3, "moon rise kingdom." tell me about it. >> this has been one of the best years for movies. 5 is "argo." 3 we have "moonrise kingdom." he did "the royal tenenbaum's." one of my favorite directors. every single one of his shots
4:24 am
looks like a beautiful >> that's why we're friends! >> clayton: so i'm sad about this, but quarterback cabin in the woods," i saw a little bit of this, but didn't get a chance to see it. but number two on your list? >> i was doing back flips. josh weeden who directed "avengers," it was made three years ago, finally came out this year. in my opinion, it changes the genre like "scream" did. it proves that thought provoking films still exist in hollywood today. the last 30 minutes will absolutely blow your mind. stay away from all reviews. stay away from all trailers.
4:25 am
just sit down and watch the movie. it's not for kids. very much for adults. but my number two movie of the year "cabin in the woods." >> juliet: you're so great at your marketing. let's go for number one. "django unchained." >> yes. i'm a huge quentin tear tino. my favorite director. this is the best thing he's directed since "pulp fiction" and the most romantic since" truro manslaughter." there's a great love story. the great thing about him is that everything in his movies are connected in the universe, whether it be "pulp fiction." so i sat down with them and said what if the character was to be dropped into the world, which one would he have the most fun in. check out their answers. >> we can see him working for marsalis. i can see him being one of the
4:26 am
guys. jewels, and vincent. >> probably ordell. >> got to be on the dance floor in pulp fiction. >> i think we have to bust something in "reservoir dogs" [ laughter ] >> i was geeking out when they were talk being those movies. that was such a fun answer. >> clayton: dave is a huge romantic comedy fan. on your worst list is number three "the five-year engagement." sounds right up dave's alley. >> dave: i haven't seen it. >> clayton: no spoiler, but it's a terrible movies right? >> i "love actually" is one of my favorite movies of all time. but this is more depressing than "majerle and me." i found in -- it's so unnecessarily depressing, i
4:27 am
didn't care about the characters whatsoever, absolutely awful. i wanted to leave halfway through the movie, but i didn't. but it's terrible. stay away from it. >> juliet: i love jason siegle, too. number two, "savages." >> here is the thing about this movie, i loved the first two hours and 4 minutes. turn it off after that point because the last five minutes are some of the worst piece of cinema i've seen this year. stay away from it. i don't know what oliver stone was thinking by ending the movie a second time after he already ended it. watch the first two hours and four minutes and then turn it off. >> clayton: he took a queue from james cameron who likes to end his films three times. >> "tea 2" is a good one. >> dave: the worst one, robert pattinson flick. >> listen, all you need to know,
4:28 am
a couple of wall street elements in this. but all you need to know, it's about a billionaire who is driving through new york city in a limo trying to get a hair cut. sounds intriguing, right? it is absolutely atrocious! i hated every single second of this movie. robert pattinson, i don't know what he was thinking, stay away from this. i gave this movie a negative 5 out of 5. a negative 5. >> juliet: i'm totally with you. it was like oh, let's get really deep and do a movie -- no, no, no. >> clayton: these terrible movies, my sister ends up liking the worst movies ever made. >> dave: sometimes they end up cult classics. >> dave, i want to say that i'm staying staying home specifically to watch taylor swift. so i'll be hanging out. >> dave: a pleasure having you. >> juliet: you're so great. >> juliet: thanks. >> juliet: so awesome. i love that guy.
4:29 am
he makes me want to not see movies. >> clayton: yeah. that's his job. >> dave: there was a little romance. coming up, brand-new report on who is to blame for the benghazi situation. why fingers are being pointed at the white house. >> juliet: bye-bye, 2012. we'refully times square with the man in charge of putting on the biggest party of the year.
4:30 am
4:31 am
4:32 am
>> juliet: oh, yeah. shot of the morning. with the briggs family. the entire clan taking a seat on the curvy couch. this is in the after the show show yesterday. dave's wife, brandy, and their three children. today's dave's last day, guys. he had a very special message for clayton. >> happy birthday, clayton. >> bye, everyone. >> dave: that is the best. they're very articulate children >> juliet: you could tell, they're like all over him, the microphones. >> clayton: they think the television microphones are like those kid karaokes that just amplify yuck -- your voice. but thank you. yes. it was wonderful to see your family here. >> dave: they had to come say
4:33 am
farewell, they'll miss it. they're not happy about me leaving. >> clayton: i think your son did a ceremonial spilling of orange juice. >> juliet: let's get to some headlines now. another scathing report reloosed overnight on the benghazi terrorist attack. the senate homeland security committee strongly criticizing the state department for failing to recognize and respond to security risks before the attack. the report also faults the pentagon and the white house. it criticizes the obama administration for being inconsistent in explanations regarding what led to the attack, initially blame ago video, not terrorism. san diego police officer is seriously injured when a suspected drunk driver slams right into his cop car. police say the suspect was speeding when he ran a red light, t boning the cruiser. took 45 minutes for crews to pry the officer out of his car. he is expected to be okay. the suspect was not seriously hurt, but he was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. kanye west kind of letting
4:34 am
the cat out of the bag a little. listen. >> make some noise. >> juliet: i have no idea what he said. >> clayton: i don't either. >> juliet: then there was static. but apparently he said that his girlfriend, kim kardashian, is pregnantgo. he made the big announcement during a concert in atlantic city last night. sources say she had no idea he was going to spill the beans! oops, i hope the family knows. up 'til now, the family had denied pregnancy rumors. so congratulations to them. and we're just hours away from watching the ball drop in times square. this year the theme is let there be peace. the crystals are all engraved with doves as symbol of peace and a hidden tribute to the king of new year's celebration, dick clark, who passed away this year. >> we engraved one of the panels with his name. we presented to his wife earlier this week. that panel will remain on the
4:35 am
ball for all of 2013. so we're honoring a great man who has done so many great things for the new year's eve celebration and it will be up here on this ball when we lower it down at midnight tonight. >> juliet: i'm just saying they should keep that thing on forever. the ball is decorated with nearly 2700 crystals, more than 32,000 lights. it weighs almost 12,000 pounds and it is 7 million times larger than maria molina. >> clayton: maria is going to be inside the ball tonight. [ laughter ] >> juliet: hi, sweety. hi, maria. >> good morning, you guys. good to be here with you guys this morning. it's very cold up here. down at the street level, it's not so bad. temperatures tonight at midnight should be in the 30s. when you're up here and you factor in the wind, it feels a lot colder. between ten to more degrees colder. i'm here with someone very
4:36 am
special, jeffrey, co-producer of the new year's eve celebration for tonight here in times square and we're going to talk a little bit about basically what's going to go on tonight. i know about a million people show up here in times square and about a billion people actually watch the celebration on television. so tell me a little bit about what's going to be going on tonight. >> we're excited working all year. we're ready. at 6:00 p.m., this ball behind us will be raised, lit and raised. will come to the top. we'll start celebration with a chynna phillips that's panda dance. it will be very exciting. then megyn kelly poe bill hemmer will lead news an hourly count down and then a million dollars quartet. we're going to have elvis presley and all the big stars doing "blue suede shoes" and a whole lot of shaking going on. >> i'm so excited for this coming up tonight. and the show, all american new year is at 11:00 p.m. eastern time. we'll go through 12:30 in the
4:37 am
morning to ring in the new year. at midnight, we actually, you let down about a ton of confetti and some of those confettis will have some wishes on them, right? >> it's amazing, yes. people from all over the world come to the times square and write their wish. and we mix that in with the mid knight confetti. as it slopes down in that blizzard of confetti and you reach into the sky to grab some, you're pulling down wishes and you can read them and they'll tell us their wish and we'll mix that in as well. >> clayton, one of our anchors yesterday brought up the clean-up as to how quickly it occurs and if we have any time left, video of that occurring, so how quickly exactly do they clean up? >> we have to have -- look, new york city, this would not be possible without the mayor's office, police, fire, sanitation, they do an amazing job. but with so much fun -- what's so much fun is after everybody leaves, the sanitation comes in. it's amazing. by 5, 6:00 o'clock, in the
4:38 am
morning, you'll come outside, it's business as usual. >> like nothing happened. people start showing up as early as noon. i see them camped out. they'll start closing down streets at 3 p.m and then celebration begins at about 6:00 o'clock. >> celebration begins at 6:00 p.m. and six hours of entertainment here and if you can't -- if you can't see it all, you watch on the webyvç ca, times square or download the app and you get all the behind the scenes action, a lot of stuff you don't get to see on television. >> that sounds great. so again, if you're coming out to new york city here, please bundle up. it will be a cold one. thank you so much for talking to us a little bit about the celebration coming up tonight here in times square. happy new year to you. and back in the studio, there is going to be something we're watching. we'll tell you more in the next hour. a storm could bring rain and snow to some areas coming up tonight at midnight, back to you in the studio.
4:39 am
>> dave: rain in times square would be miserable. >> clayton: thank you so much. coming up on the show, a health scare for hillary clinton and this is serious. we're live outside her hospital with an update on her condition and that blood clot. >> juliet: then a plan to ease regulations and help small business suddenly gets shelfed. why? what does it mean for american job creators. we'll talk about that next [ hudson ] we're human. we fall down. we gain weight. and we get back up. strength and determination are human too. so are dinner dates and birthday cake. introducing the new weight watchers 360 program. built for human nature so you can expect amazing. ♪ on top the world right now ♪
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plus special financing through new year's day. - ♪ 'cause people got me questioning ♪ ♪ where is the love - ma'am. you forgot your purse. - thank you. oh. thank you very much. - a message from the foundation for a better life. >> dave: the implementation of the jobs act, which stands for jump start our business start-ups, has been delayed and our next guest stays that needs to be passed now. joining us is the president and ceo of consumer electronics association, gary shapiro. good to see you.
4:42 am
>> good morning. >> dave: it's funny, we're talking about the fiscal cliff stuff and jobs seem to be left out of the conversation. we haven't heard about much to jump start the economy. tell us what the jobs act is. >> first of all, the financing cliff, you can either raise taxes, cut spending or grow the economy. there has been very little discussion about growth. congress did something great and president obama signed it. it was called the jobs act. it was about growth and a lot of growth through innovation. what it did is made easier forebitt entwhistles to raise money. they could crowd funds, go out to more people before having these commission regulations, they could do many other things they couldn't do under the present law. but it did require the security and exchange commission to issue some rules. it turns out those rules have still not been issued. it's been about a year now and they've been held up because the chairman of the sec, chairwoman, shapiro, no relation to me, decided to sit on them because she was concerned about her legacy, according to some
4:43 am
e-mails. >> dave: here is what patrick mchenry, congressman said about all of this. quote, a direct result of pressure from one special interest group and the personal agenda of the chairman. where does this go from here? has it just been permanently shelfed? >> no. it can't be permanently shelfed because there is too much support for it. this is bipartisan. republicans and drafts joined together. president obama signed it. it does allow companies to raise money easier. of course, that means more companies, more money raised, more jobs created and more risk taken and a lot of those companies will go under and some investors will be hurt. but the sec does have a legal obligation to act on this and i imagine once chairwoman shapiro is gone and someone is replacing her, they will act on this immediately and make it a priority. she chose not to make it a priority. there is only really one person to blame mirror and it's not the president or the republican and the democrats.
4:44 am
that's the chairwoman concerned about her legacy. entrepreneurs cannot use these proposal. they can't use the higher thresholds. the push back, all this bureaucratic red tape which makes it more difficult to raise money. if it's more difficult to raise money, it's more difficult to create jobs. so we're almost there. we just have to get over that line to get the touchdown of job creation. >> dave: here is the sec response to the congressman, quote, chairman shapiro strongly believes that protecting investors should be the desired legacy of all sec chairmen. it's part of our mission and should inform our decisions at all times. she also believes that the agency should not consider investors or the groups that represent them to be special interest. you see any conflict in that statement or do you like their explanation? >> i think it's the job of the congress who are elected officials to make these type of decisions and balancing act. it's not the job of an
4:45 am
individual at the sec to decide a law should not be moved on. they have sat on this law now for almost a year and it is not their job to continue to sit on it. congress has said, we have balanced these different interests. the risks and investors are willing to take versus need for capital creation and job creation and yet, they have not acted. these perilous economic times, we need every job we can create. with -- what makes america great is we're willing to take risks, willing to fail and try and try again. that's what distinguishes us from every other country in the world. we have to remember that. we can't let bureaucrats stop that. yes, people will lose money, but so what? that's the american way and as long as those investors know what they're getting into and taking these risks, potentially for great rewards, maybe the next google or apple, that's the thing here. we need the world of innovation. >> dave: maybe we start with killing the medical device tax, talk about hurting innovation
4:46 am
and jobs here. gary, clayton will see new a few weeks. happy new year. >> next week. see you then. >> dave: coming up, we've all heard of the times square ball drop. how about the pete's drop? the awesome new year's celebrations you've never heard of, we hope including clayton's favorite pickle drop. on this day in 1972 "you're so vein" by carly simon was the number one song. ♪ you're so vain ♪ you probably think this song is about you ♪ ♪ you're so va [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> clayton: welcome back. with all eyes focused on the fiscal cliff, president obama has quietly extended the wire
4:50 am
tap law for five more years. the foreign intelligence surveillance act allows the government to monitor overseas phone calls and e-mails without a court order. it doesn't apply to americans, though. but the obama administration won't say if americans have inadvertently been spied on. giants honoring 400 fans from newtown, connecticut before their game versus the eagles touching moment. the group included 200 students from the school district and victims' families. they formed a gauntlet to welcome players from both teams and held hands during the national anthem. >> dave: those newtown folks got to see eli manning throw five touchdowns. they rolled, but don't go to the playoffs. >> clayton: thanks for rubbing it in. >> juliet: here at fox news, we are lucky enough to be just a block away from one of the nation's biggest new year's eve celebrations taking place tonight at times square. >> clayton: our next guest says there is a whole lot of interesting stuff going on outside of the big apple.
4:51 am
fox news' radio todd starnes -- we got to get rid of an s. he's here action there is a lot of weird traditions around the country, right. >> dave: your favorite is what? the pickle drop. >> clayton: there is a pickle drop and also a possum drop which i'll tell you about. >> we do have very creative people all around the country and check out some of the rather unusual drops we found. ♪ pump this party ♪ 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! happy new year! ♪ ♪ . >> times square, home to the most famous new year's celebration in the nation. but if you hang a right at the cross roads of the world, you'll
4:52 am
discover dozens and dozens of uniquely american celebrations, like in mount olive, north carolina, where they drop a giant pickle at the stroke of midnight. or memphis, ten continue, where they drop a huge guitar. fruit is another popular. atlanta dropping a peach. miami has an orange. lots of animals, flying pig in cincinnati of the musk rat in maryland. and a wall eye fish in ohio. new jersey drops snooki. and seaside heights. but she survived unscathed. pennsylvania seems to be the most popular at that state to drop stuff. in no particular, a beaver, ping-pong ball, large stuffed goat and 100-pound slab of bologna. 80-pound wedge of cheese in wisconsin. if you have a hankering for dessert, head to mobile, alabama, 600-pound electric moon pie will light up the sky. the moon pie is a southern delicacy. revellers will get to feast on an edible version, four feet wide, packed with
4:53 am
45,000 calories. that's what makes our new year's celebration unique. it's getting together and embracing and stealing a kiss. bidding farewell to days gone by and celebrating those to come. >> unfortunately, we have some controversy with one of this year's drops. it's in north carolina, home of the annual possum drop. peta protesters, judge intervened and determined that it is cruel to drop a live possum on new year's eve. >> dave: i can't believe i'm siding with peta here. >> juliet: when they say drop, like bologna drops. they're just dropping bone bologna? >> it's in the decorative cage. once the cage reaches the bottom, they let the animal out. >> clayton: oh, come on! >> dave: it limps out with a broken leg? >> the guy who runs the local country store said that he's
4:54 am
actually doing the animal a favor because he says possums really have only one thing o do in life, which is to get run over. they believe they're extending the life of the possum. >> clayton: in pennsylvania, my home state, and it seemed like a lot of bizarre traditions. ping-pong ball drop? i never heard of that one. why? >> why not? they're dropping a big old slab of bologna in lebanon, pen opinion. >> clayton: and beaver drop? >> dave: i still love north carolina with the pickle drop. all right. trivia for you. the times square ball, since 1907 has been dropped. there were two years they went dark. what two years? you should know this. >> clayton: i was going to say probably during world war ii? >> 1942 and 1943. those were the two years. just a little ball drop trivia. >> clayton: you're the expert. >> dave: no, i just googled it a few minutes ago. >> clayton: thanks, todd, happy new year.
4:55 am
>> juliet: less than 24 hours to go, still no deal on the fiscal cliff. what is the holdup, people? we're live at the white house at the top of the hour. they're meeting at 11. >> clayton: don't know what to do with your christmas tree? it's the coolest video you will see all day. i'm going to do that. launch pipe into space.
4:56 am
4:57 am
>> juliet: hello, it's monday, december 31. i'm juliet huddy. sorry, america, less than 24 hours to go, no deal yet to keep us from going over the cliff. so what's the holdup? turns out democrats want to use your extra tax dollars to pay for more spending. not chip away at the massive debt. we're live at the white house in
4:58 am
moments. >> dave: hillary clinton hospitalized with a blood clot. we'll have the latest on her condition and what it could mean to the investigation into the attacks on benghazi. >> clayton: live in times square as the world gets ready to ring in the new year. are people file not guilty just yet? we'll check in. >> juliet: they really do. >> clayton: they got to get that spot. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ . >> juliet: saying good-bye to 2012, saying good-bye to your 26th birthday? >> clayton: turning 27 today.
4:59 am
>> juliet: saying good-bye to dave briggs. >> dave: i'm bummed out. but i wore a smile socks so i would stay happy today. i don't want to get all weepy. >> clayton: this will be the last time you'll be talking politics. you'll be doing sports. >> dave: i will be doing sports. >> clayton: this is the last time talking politics. you won't be talking farm bill. >> dave: i will still find a way. with twitter, i will still tweet politics and talk it whenever i possibly can. i can weave together politics with it. they're both blood sports. >> juliet: you're wife is happy about this. when she was in yesterday, she said we finally have weekends. >> dave: she's my rock. she's the only reason i'm still going. >> clayton: weigh say good-bye tend of the show. first, mitch mcconnell and joe biden working late into the night to reach a deal. wendell goler live with the latest on the status of those late night negotiations. good morning, wendell. >> good morning. the vice president and senate minority leader took over the talks when the president and
5:00 am
house speaker john boehner hit a wall and while they didn't reach a deal yesterday, there was movement on the income level they're willing to protect from tax hikes and other levels. mr. obama, on an interview on "meet the press" was cautiously opt missic. >> i'm confident that one of two things will happen when it comes to the fiscal cliff. one, we'll see an agreement within the next 48 hours in which case middle class taxes will not go up. if that doesn't happen, then democrats in the senate will put a bill on the floor of the senate and republican also have to decide if they're going to block it. >> biden and mcconnell are said to be only about $100,000 apart on where the bush era tax cuts would expire with the republican pushing for $550,000 a year. democrats offering a 450,000. biden stowed have given up his push to raise the estate tax. democrats are trying to delay spending cuts until 2015 and republicans are demanding more spending cuts to offset extended
5:01 am
unemployment benefits and farm subsidies. lot of ground to make up. but mcconnell says his decision to reach out to biden was a good one. >> the vice president and i worked together on solutions before and i believe we can again. i want my colleagues to know that we'll keep everyone updated, the consequences of this are too high for the american people to be engaged in a political mess. i'm interested in getting a result here. >> there is no indication when the talks will resume today and neither biden nor mcconnell is predicting an agreement before midnight. but the conventional wisdom is that there is no great harm in going a few days into the new year, as long as the markets don't tank and it might even be politically easier to reach a deal after that. clayton, dave? >> juliet: thanks, we appreciate it. at issue, try to get information out of these closed door meetings and trickling information out as we can. and some of the sticking points
5:02 am
that we're hearing, at least from the republican side, we haven't heard confirmation from the democratic side, is that the democrats want to -- for the revenue they bring in, will not chip away at the debt. so this is a sticking point for republicans because democrats say they want to use that other revenue for more spending, not chipping away at the debt, so says senator jon kyl of arizona in off camera remarks, that that's the main sticking point right now. >> clayton: i'm amazed at the whole process. a loft us procrastinate, whether it's studying for a test, paying bills. a loft us do that because we think we do our best work under pressure at the last minute. but congress clearly does its crappiest work in the last minute. so -- it never benefits them to put this offment we will get some small paltry deal that raises taxes on some wealthy, cuts a little bit of spending, does nothing to entitlements, nothing to help the economy. what is all this for?
5:03 am
it's amazing congress has an 18% approval rating. >> juliet: up with of the big questions, everybody is sitting around their dinner tables, family in town, what is the real sticking point here? there are so many sticking points. we're talking about defense cuts earlier, sequestration. the threshold, you could go on and on. what is really the biggest sticking point in your mind? >> clayton: chris wallace yesterday on the show put it most appropriately when he said that there are a lot of moving parts right now. a lot of moving parts. for there to be one specific thing doesn't seem likely. though senator corker is asking for specifics in an interview that president obama gave yesterday regarding his $1 trillion in cuts to entitlements that he had referred to yesterday on "meet press" or more specifically, this, he said, quote, in your interview with david gregory broadcast, you stated you offered over $1 trillion in additional spending cuts in order to reach a major fiscal
5:04 am
reform agreement with congress and avert the fiscal cliff. unfortunately, you have been silent on the specifics as we move forward with wrestling with the nation's fiscal crisis, especially the debt ceiling. it would help us to have a concrete plan and language from you, that again a quote. >> dave: and help you if we put it up on the screen. >> clayton: that's from senator bob corker wanting to know more specific about these so-called entitlement changes. >> dave: if you want more sticking point, the "washington post" reports the democrats are willing to go to $450,000 for a couple. and from what i have heard from those close to the situation, republicans are at $550,000 and up for a threshold. so if that's the one sticking point, it's only $100,000 apart. but to juliet's part, there is much more than that. we asked donald trump about would he be willing to accept higher taxes on the wealthy. he said yes if it's something that will grow the economy, if it's a great deal.
5:05 am
>> do i mind if my taxes go up somewhat? will it affect me? what i want to see is an overall deal. if they do a great job on expenditures, i guess everybody can expect there is going to be some kind of a tax increase for a certain group of people. would i be willing to say yes to that? i think the answer is yes, for those people that don't get it, that think the republicans have no cards, you know, i'm a republican and i can tell you, we have lots of cards. and the republican negotiators have lots of cards because we have the debt ceiling. >> juliet: he was saying this, i saw your eyes, you kind of went, but eric bolling, we've been working with him, he took over for you when you were off the other day. he said he feels like we -- let's do a swan dive over the fiscal cliff. >> clayton: he wants the fiscal cliff, boling does. i don't know that that would be a smart move, given the sequestration and all of the defense cuts that we're about with to face if we go over that, that means a massive, massive cut to our military. >> juliet: his thing is, look, we got to start cutting this
5:06 am
deficit down. we just got to start now. he said, i stand to lose a lot of money in this, but it's got to happen now. >> dave: he also said republicans should lead on immigration, which i thought was interesting. that also made my eyes go up. >> clayton: he said they're going to continue to lose election after election if they continue to do what they did as it relates to immigration reform. the senate this morning, look at the live look, capitol hill and the white house. the senate reconvenes at 11:00 a.m. this morning. the house is getting together around 9:00 a.m. this morning. again, wendell goler reporting they've been hashing out deals throughout the night. >> dave: if you want good information as it happens, follow chad pergrum on twitter. he works harder than just about anybody in politics. he tweet constantly what's happening on the floor. >> juliet: let's get to some other headlines. fiscal cliff concerns also causing major uncertainty on wall street. investors are bracing for a volatile final day of trading in 2012. dow plunged more than 158 points on friday.
5:07 am
it was the fifth straight day of losses. the longest since july. futures suggests there could be some gains today. so we'll keep an eye on that. there has already been a selloff overseas to lock in profits. keeping an eye on that. major health scare for hillary clinton. she was supposed to be back on the job this week. but instead, she's waking up at new york presbyterian hospital this morning. she's being treated for a blood clot. it was found during a follow-up exam for her concussion. that concussion forced her to cancel testifying at a house hearing on the benghazi terrorist attack. many lawmakers say clinton must testify before they can vote on whether senator kerry can succeed her. so we're going to keep an eye on that. it's a very serious situation for senator clinton. tour bus crash leaving nine people dead, more than two dozen injured. the bus slid off an icy highway and crashd into a ravine
5:08 am
oregon during a trip from las vegas to canada. the driver apparently lost control of the bus. he crashed through a guardrail, plummeting that bus 200 feet down the slope. mountain pass the bus was on is known for dangerous weather conditions. 1 million people are getting ready to pack times square and ring in 2013. the iconic crystal ball is ready for its count down to the new year. this year it comes with a new theme. that is let there be peace. it includes a special tribute as well to dick clark. admit night a ton of confetti will be flying over times square. then the clean-up crew works their magic. >> the sanitation comes in, it's like a dance of clean-up. it's amazing. by 5, 6:00 o'clock in the morning, you'll come outside, here in new york, it's business as usual. >> juliet: i am telling you, i've been down there when they do the clean-up. once the ball drops e at that -- mass exodus and it's clean. >> juliet: new york police have
5:09 am
beefed up security in times square, adding thousands of officers, bomb sniffing dogs, counterterrorism teams. everywhere you look, somebody is looking at you. they're watching you. those are the headlines today. it's all very, wonderful festive atmosphere. >> dave: coming up, the new tax takes effect tomorrow and it's got nothing to do with the fiscal cliff. it has to do with obamacare. we'll tell what you it is inform could hurt. then don't know what to do with your christmas tree? here is an idea. ♪
5:10 am
5:11 am
>> clayton: welcome back. the government wishing the american people happy new year with a brand-new tax tomorrow. >> dave: regardless of the outcome of fiscal cliff negotiations, americans will be hit with a $1 trillion new tax
5:12 am
bill thanks to obamacare. >> clayton: joining us now is texas congressman and vice chairman of the subcommittee on health, dr. michael burgess, who knows a thing or two about the health care system. congressman, nice to see you. happy new year, or not so happy for a lot of people. >> thanks. >> clayton: break this down. what kind of taxes are we talking about here that basically have nothing to do with the fiscal cliff, right? >> correct. these are baked into the cake and they're happening regardless of whatever happens with the house or senate today. there is five changes, major changes in tax policy that start on january 1 as a result of the affordable care act. probable lee the biggest is a payroll tax for individuals who earn over 200,000 as individuals, 250 as a couple. this .9% payroll tax is also applied to dividends and capital gains. this is different. payroll taxes typically haven't applied to interest income in the past, but this is a new tax that is being levied as a
5:13 am
payroll tax. it's collected under the auspices of medicare, but it doesn't spend any time in the medicare trust fund. it goes to fund subsidies in the federal exchanges. the other tax, medical device tax, 2.8%, gross receipts tax on medical devices. that means whether the company makes money or not, it is still taxed at that 2.8% rate. and then finally, there is the 3.8% unearned income tax. they will get hit with that on capital gains and dividends. so these are major changes in tax policy that crept up on most people unawares because we've been focused on the other stuff. >> dave: yeah. that medical device tax in particular really hurts because it might stifle innovation, research and development. that's the last thing our medical industry can afford. but i want to ask you about this fiscal cliff. it appears, for at least the time being, john boehner is on the side line letting something get hashed down in the senate between mitch mcconnell and
5:14 am
joe biden right now. let's just say if a deal comes out of the senate that puts this tax increase around half million dollars threshold, say it has satisfactory spending cuts, is there still any chance that type of bill gets enough republican support in the house to get signed into law and get done by january 1? >> well, i wouldn't foreclose on any possibility there. but do remember, the speaker and the house republicans are not sidelined. we actually did our work so many months ago that most people don't remember it. we sent a tax bill over to the senate for them to take up before the august recess. the fact that they refused to work on it, extended all tax rates for another 12 months, while we work on fundamental tax reform. which really is the sensible way to go about doing this if you just stop and think about it. the actual money delivered under the president's proposal is really pretty paltry and here is a chance to actually change the
5:15 am
tax code. you just had donald trump on who said you need growth in this economy if you're really going to look at economic recovery. here is an opportunity to do that. it's a shame the president doesn't want to undertake that activity. again, i wouldn't foreclose any possibility. you got to see a lot on the spending side because let's be honest, we've got an inauguration coming up in a few days. national debt will be over $16 trillion. but the time the next president is maturitied, it could be a staggering $22 trillion. that's what we have to tackle. >> clayton: that spending is what i want to talk to you next about. we're hearing word this morning that could be at least one of the major sticking points for republicans in these negotiations is that democrats, while asking for higher tax revenues, then aren't going to balance that approach with using that revenue to cut spending. in fact, we're hearing from some republicans, jon kile and others, who have said democrats will only use that for increased spending in other areas. we don't know all the details because it's behind closed
5:16 am
doors. what are you hearing and do you agree with that? >> well, the historical perspective when ronald reagan agreed to a tax increase, they got the taxes. they never got the spending cuts. george h.w. bush, same thing in the early '90s. so the historical precedent is the taxes go in right away. the spending cuts never materialize. we've seen that movie. the problem is that the situation is so dire now with the amount of debt and deficit that if we don't get our arms around that, that's what's going to rend the fabric of our republic. not the fact that we want to punish successful people and the tax code. that's tinkering around the edges. let's get serious about the spending side. no one can tell me that every penny out of every dollar the federal dollar spends goes to some good end. there are plenty of places -- you know, the fact is, if this were in congressional committees on c-span, people wouldn't tolerate the amount of waste that goes on in federal
5:17 am
agencies. but because it's hidden and no one knows with it, it continues on. >> dave: what the president has said is if no deal comes out, he will proposal legislation that goes over to the house that simply says, extend the tax rates for those making $250,000 or less. how politically perilous might it be for the republican controlled house to vote no on such a bill? >> look, the president is a constitutional scholar, so he knows better than i that all tax bills must originate in the house of representatives. not in the white house. so there is a flaw to his logic even right at the beginning. but look, again, i'm not going to foreclose any possibility, if i can see some serious movement on spending, i'll look at whatever the tax piece is. but the president says he was reelected to raise taxes on the rich. guess what? i want an election and i won that election not by raising taxes on the top 2%, the middle 2% or bottom 2%. i was elected to cut spending. and that's where my focus is.
5:18 am
>> dave: that's true. only 15 of the 234 house republicans are in districts won by the president. so to your point, that makes a lot of sense. congressman, thanks so much for being with us. >> clayton: happy new year. >> thank you. >> clayton: coming up next, the latest on hillary clinton's health scare. we're live at the hospital. she is there right now with a blood clot after that concussion >> dave: russian president putin makes it illegal for americans to adopt russian children. what he's trying to say here. one mother when got her adopted daughter out of russia just in time joins us live. >> clayton: congress makes a huge decision that could affect the price of milk. are you about to be paying $8 for a gallon of milk?
5:19 am
5:20 am
5:21 am
5:22 am
>> juliet: 8:21 east coast time. secretary of state hillary clinton is in the hospital right now. she's being treated for a blood clot. wnyw has been following the story. theresa is live outside new york presbyterian with the latest her condition. give us an update report. >> good morning. good morning, everybody. as you mentioned, secretary of state hillary clinton is waking up in new york this morning being treated at new york presbyterian hospital. we believe she's here at the washington heights campus and judging by the amount of security around here, it seems as though that is the case. as you mentioned, she's suffering from a blood clot due to a concussion and fall she suffered in mid-december. we're told it was discovered yesterday during a routine follow-up checkup appointment with her doctor and her doctor suggested that she make it down to the city and be treated for that here at new york presbyterian hospital.
5:23 am
america's top diplomat has not been seen or heard from in about three weeks. last we heard she was suffering from a stomach flu. she was feeling fatigued and dehydrated because of that. she fainted, suffered a concussion and this blood clot is a result of all of that that has happened over the last couple weeks. we reached out to a few doctors to find out the severity of blood clots. when a lot of people hear about them, they think the worse. we're told they're quite common, especially if they happen in the leg, given somebody's age, like clinton, who is 65, and her incredibly hectic travel schedule. something like this would not be uncommon, but could be incredibly severe and life-threatening if it's in her lungs or perhaps in her brain. state department is not releasing any information about where exactly this blood clot is. in part because of who she is and her diplomatic status and her position in state government, but also hippa regulation. she's being treated with anticoagulants and her situation is being monitored heavily by
5:24 am
the doctors and they will continue to stay that way for at least the next 48 hours. we're going to stay here. if we hear anything at all, we'll bring it to you. again, very, very tight lipped on her condition. only releasing the information that it is a blood clot. she is being treated and certainly is being monitored. that's the latest from washington heights, i'll send it back to you. >> juliet: you mentioned tense schedule, hectic schedule and stressful schedule. thank you very much for that report. good to see you. meanwhile, a heart breaking situation for dozens of families in the u.s. after russian president putin makes it illegal for american parents to adopt russian children. this is a story that started to break last week and people were shocked. they couldn't believe it was going to happen and it did. one mother luckily was able to get her brand-new daughter out of the country just in the nick of time. they arrived from moscow late saturday night. joelle joins me life.
5:25 am
thank you for joining us. a smile on your face pretty much says it all. but i'm sure you were just freaking out to put it bluntly in the last few days? >> it was incredibly tense in moscow where families were coming to get their visa in the final moment. it felt like east berlin as the wall was going up. it was indeed just a matter of hours really for all of us. >> juliet: you go back and forth to russia, you are meet this child and create a bond. at the last minute, essentially literally the 11th hour, you hear about this shocking move that putin has decided to make. what is your reaction to this? >> well, i knew that the ban would not go into effect until tuesday, tomorrow, but of course, who knows what's going to happen at the border? will they refuse to let her out? so i think what went through my
5:26 am
mind was what happens to her? will she be waiting for me forever? will she forget or remember? and i even thought maybe i askln moscow, which is not a city i would choose, but -- so these were the sorts of thoughts that were keeping me awake at night. >> juliet: it keeps a lot of us awake just hearing about the situation in the orphanages. tell us a little bit about what you saw when you were at the a orphanages. >> oh, juliet, it's so heart breaking really. alena was in a baby house, that's what they call it where children are from age zero to 4. at age four, they age out and go to a real orphan age. those institutions are much less cheerful than the baby houses. and i feel like they do the absolute best they can, the women who are the care takers, they make between 200 and $300 a month. that's it. they have 16 children who they
5:27 am
must feed and get to the potty and walk around outside twice a day. it's hard for them, but the children are -- no one speaks to them and they don't speak. all of them are speech delayed. and it's a lonely, sad place. >> juliet: how is she doing right now? >> she is actually doing amazingly well. i feel that it would be one -- if any of us had lunch, took a nap, woke up and there were these people who incident did the speak our language, who took us to another planet where everything is different. that's what happened to her and she's been absolutely fine. she had never left the grounds of that orphanage. she had never seen a bus, no less an airplane. she's been terrific. >> juliet: her life has changed and i can see and just from your preinterview, you seem like a wonderful, wonderful, loving mom. so congratulations and i hope the situation changes just very quickly, putin has basically released statements on this
5:28 am
situation and we've told what you they are. it's pathetic. there really isn't anything to say, these children are being used as pawns. thank you very much and please, our love to alena. >> thank you. and thank you for being a voice for the children. >> juliet: my pleasure. believe me. all right. coming up, shift gears a bit. don't know what to do with your christmas tree? here is an idea. not really sure what's going on with that. we'll let you figure it out. then the best champagne to bring in the new year with. you don't have to break the bank. we'll tell you some good tips and good ideas. here he comes: dave briggs, your last 30 minutes. how are you feeling? >> dave: raise some champagne
5:29 am
5:30 am
5:31 am
>> clayton: new video from sydney, australia where they
5:32 am
have rung in 2013. singer helped bring in the new year at midnight. >> dave: there is a little tip. record that on your dvr, play it back for your kids that are five, six, seven, eight, and give them a early happy new year. >> clayton: precontinued? >> dave: it will mess with them. >> juliet: lie to your children. >> clayton: you're saying record the sydney light show and then pretend like that's it? >> juliet: and hope they don't read sydney? >> clayton: i like that. now that the cat is out of the bag, 'cause they're watching. >> dave: lot of children watch "fox & friends." >> juliet: let's get out to times square. maria molina has been freezing for us, but she's there diligently being a key player. she's got the new year's eve forecast and what is special about this year's crystal ball.
5:33 am
>> i'm so excited to be here with the waterford crystal ball. for 2013, that's been changed. i have reagan bliss, the global brand director for waterford to tell me more about the ball and you've been with the company for 21 years. but since 1999, to 2000, there was a big change in the original new year's eve ball, right? >> yes. we started partnering with times square and created a beautiful crystal ball. at that today it's 12-foot orb. we're really excited. this year we're unveiling a new design. let there be peace. i've got a panel here. it's got three beautiful doves, which is really iconic symbol for peace. we're really excited about it. we are also doing something we've never done before, inviting the world to send us their messages of peace. they can tweet us at peace nye and face it on the facebook page. welcoming the whole world to send us their message of peace
5:34 am
this year. >> this is actually an extra crystal. you make extras in case one breaks. i know that there is one of the crystals that has a special tribute to dick clark, right? >> yeah. dick clark, who was the ambassador for new year's eve. he passed away earlier this year. we had his name engraved on one fortunate panels. we placed it on the ball. so for an entire year, to 13, dick clark's name, in his memory, will be on the ball for all the world to see. >> at the end of the year, you will be handing that crystal to? >> we'll be presenting it to his wife. so as a nice tribute to her and what did he in his life. >> that is such a beautiful tribute. thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us here and explain to us what's new about the crystal ball. >> happy new year. >> happy new year, thank you. and i want to send it back to the studio. but dave, this is the last time i will actually be talking to you. so i want to wish you all the best with the new year, 2013, and wish you all the luck on your new adventure, even though i know you don't need it. >> dave: thank you, you're
5:35 am
great. we've enjoyed it very much. happy new year to you and stay warm out there. my daughter texted in, she doesn't like that idea. >> clayton: i knew! she was watching. >> dave: i'm just kidding. if you want to stay up 'til dora the explorer. >> dave: i'm calling their bluff. there is no way they can stay up 'til midnight. >> juliet: famous last words. all right, dave. good luck tonight. keeping your kids to sleep early. overnight on the benghazi terrorist attack. the senate homeland security committee strongly criticizing the state department for failing to recognize and respond to security risks in the months leading up to the attack. the report also faults the pentagon and the white house, criticizes the obama administration for being inconsistent in explanations regarding what actually caused the attack and initially blaming a video and not terrorism.
5:36 am
someone claimed the body of shooter adam lanza for burial. the medical examiner's office says the person did not want to be identified. lanza his burial site will also be kept secret. he killed 27 people earlier this month, including 20 children and his own mother before killing himself inside a classroom at that school. how would you like to look out your plane's window and see this? a piece of the engine missing. the panel actually fell off a united flight after it took off from kansas city, terrified passengers were told the plane was turning around, but couldn't land right away. >> then he said that we are too heavy to land because they filled the gas tank and they needed to burn off fuel in order to be able to land safely. >> juliet: he still sounds like he's a little freaked out over that. the plane circled the airplane for half an hour and luckily nobody was hurt. not sure what to do with your old christmas tree?
5:37 am
was that a rocket booster? i don't know. two inventers came up with this idea that souped up trees conveniently call the sms mistletoe. pair it with a car battery and stick a am camera in. do not try this at home. >> clayton: it launches and comes back to earth and probably land in your neighbor's backyard. >> juliet: you'll probably got sued. >> clayton: or save yourself a hassle and throw it over a fence into your neighbor's yard. >> juliet: you've never done that, i'm sure. >> clayton: never. i don't know where that tree came from, bob. if i find him, i'll arrest him for you. >> juliet: what's -- look at you. >> dave: it's booze time. 8:36 a.m. eastern time, which sounds about right. which champagne will you toast when the clock strikes 12? here with the best bubbly for every budget is champagne
5:38 am
expert, samantha barns. good to see you. >> good to sigh. happy new year. >> happy new year. people don't know much about champagne. they go in and grab whatever is there. that's a mistake. we're going to educate them this morning. let's start with the difference between sparkling and champagne. there's a big difference. >> there is a difference. so for a bubbly wine to be called champagne, that needs to come from the champagne region of france. so for instance, this chandon is a napa valley sparkling wine. not only does it talk about the differences where the grapes are grown, but the number of years that bottles have been aged and the different process to make the sham page and different grapes used. >> dave: you don't have to have a spam pain. a sparkling is just fine. that one $22. >> it's a great option for this new year's eve, depending on what kind of party you're going to or what kind of celebration you're having. there is something for everybody. >> dave: probably the most
5:39 am
recognizable is the moet imperial. you always see this, why? >> it's the most loved sham page. at $40, it's a great value. it really says celebration and it's the perfect champagne for a night like tonight. >> dave: if you want to class it up, i know alisyn tends to lean volunteered a different one, a little bet more, but what's the difference? >> the style is a little different. the moet is more fruit forward. the other is a pinot noir. >> dave: forty-five dollars. where are we going next? a fancier, about 20 bucks more now. >> yeah. this is a beautiful bottle of champagne. it's made only from chardonnay grapes. it is the oldest champagne house in the world founded in 1729. >> dave: in terms of a flavor,
5:40 am
you'll notice distinct difference between the others? >> it's very elegant, being just one grape variety versus three. the rest are a blend of three grapes. it has a different style. >> dave: if you want elegance, if you want the mere say disease, maybe the rolls royse of champagne, everyone talks about dom. it's not as unbelievably ex opinionsive. it's $159. but this is kind of your mercedes. why? >> it's the king of champagnes. very special because it's always a vintage. so while these are nonvintage champagne, this is made in extraordinary years. this is the vintage 2003, which is -- certainly send a message you're ring not guilty a new year in a special way. >> dave: that's what you bring if weather a guy is working his last day at "fox & friends." >> or someone's birthday. >> dave: i want to ask but storage before we open these up. say you have a bottle of shame pain that's -- champagne that's been sitting around. is it okay, does it go bad?
5:41 am
>> champagne doesn't go bad. like wine, it ages beautifully. so as long as it hasn't been ex positived to extreme heat or cold, it should be ready to drink. just chill it down. >> dave: how to open. you can obviously put out an eyeball if you do the wrong thing here. so don't get carried away. >> like you're about to. you take the foil off, which you've done. you're advanced. and keeping a thumb on the top of the cage, so we don't want it to get away from us here. unscrew, untwist the cage on the top. it's about six twists. >> dave: keep the thumb on there the whole time. >> and hold the bottom of the bottle and gently -- hand on top. don't aim it at me! and gently twist the cork. hang on to it. gently twist on the bottom. and then you want to hear a little pop. ready? >> dave: i'm ready. >> well done. perfect.
5:42 am
>> dave: is it fun to shoot them off? >> you don't want to injure anybody. why would you want to spill champagne. having the cork is enough fun. >> dave: clayton, are you going to have a glass of champagne? it's your birthday, for crying out loud. >> dave: we're pouring. samantha barns, we love having you. check out all the favorites. >> clayton: thanks to our wonderful staff. i got one here. >> dave: happy new year to everybody. and the camera needs a glass of champagne. >> clayton: get out of there! >> dave: the camera likes the drinking. >> clayton: camera is getting wobbly. >> happy new year. >> clayton: happy new year. thank you so much. coming up on the show, surprise announcement even for the mom to be. kim kardashian and kanye west having a baby. man, that doesn't spell trouble. >> dave: then a woman in the middle of a stroke and no one around to help. what a couple of buttons on her smart phone saved her life.
5:43 am
we'll explain next. cheers. >> clayton: it is bubbly oh! progress-oh! -oh! -oh! oh! oh! ♪ wh do you know? oh! ♪ bacon? -oh! -oh! oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your story for a chance to win a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter.
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5:45 am
>> juliet: 44 minutes past the hour. the drama that will be caused by this. kim kardashian pregnant. kanye west letting the cat out of the bag last night at a concert in atlantic city. >> can i make some noise. >> juliet: i have no idea what he said there. but supposedly he said that she's pregnant and kim had no idea that he was planning on spilling the beans. what is khloe going to say? drama. and could plastic surgery be good for your health? >> the time has come, build those lips. >> excuse me? >> juliet: a new study finds that our facial expressions can influence influence how we really feel.
5:46 am
therefore, by smoothing out frown lines with botox, the moods of clinically depressed people can improve. clayton? >> clayton: see by any -- my frown lines i'm mad. how did a woman save her and her baby's life? she was having a stroke and her distext i can't was an early clue to the problem. joining us is harvard medical school neurologist. nice to see think morning. >> good morning, thanks for having me here. >> clayton: you were personally involved in this case about a year ago. what exactly happened? >> there was a really extraordinary case. this was a young, healthy woman in her first trimester of pregnancy. she had just had her appointment at her doctor and after the appointment, received a text from her husband who was asking her about her due date. the text that she sent back were really not making a lot of sense. her husband picked up on that. realizing that the auto correct function on her phone was turned off, and realized that something
5:47 am
was actually really wrong. sew brought her immediately to the hospital where they were able to diagnose a stroke and get her treated appropriately. >> clayton: amazing. here is the text message. we can put this up. the husband writes to her, after her appointment, so what's the deal? she writes, everywhere singing, days, nighting. some is where. he writes, what does that mean? you're not making any sense. so he knew something was up, given -- she haven't exactly butt dialing in her purse or something. he immediately responded to this, right? >> that's right. that's really the key to her treatment. the treatment of stroke is to recognize that as early as possible and to get appropriate medical treatment. >> clayton: we're also finding that this may actually be a great warning sign for strokes. i know personally my father had suffered from an eschemic stroke two years ago. he's fine now. but walked into the office, couldn't really speak, was standing there mumbling, sort of gibberish, when the secretary
5:48 am
said, don, are you okay? but had he not been around someone else, it might have been a disaster. now we're being able to see warning signs of this through text messages. how can we really utilize this? >> i think that's a great point. a large proportion of strokes affect language functions, bless it's the ability to speak or understand language. and as communication becomes more electronic, as we're seeing with text messages and e-mails, et cetera, we're going to see a larger proportion of people who are having trouble with language that is being manifest in the text messages and e-mails they're sunning. and so in the setting of text message, the problem may be as we see here, that the text messages were being sent in a way that didn't make sense, a language problem in that sense, and you could also have text messages that you're receiving and unable to understand. >> clayton: there is a warning sign of stroke test that people should be aware of out there. take us through this. it's called the fast test.
5:49 am
what do they stand for? >> that's right. so the idea is to think fast. in any patient who is having a possibility of a stroke, you want to act quickly and so the letters in fast, f stands for face. so what you're looking for there is drooping of one or the other side of the face. the a stands forearms. weakness or numbness of one or the other arm. obviously that applies to the legs as well. for s, like in this case, we're thinking about speech problems, either difficulty producing speech or difficulty understanding speech. and then the last letter, t, stands for time. we always talk about the time equals brain. so the longer we take to recognize a stroke, the more chance there is of a poor recovery. so it's really important to recognize that any time we see any of these symptom coming on, that we want to get medical attention as soon as possible. >> clayton: valuable information. dr. klein, we appreciate you joining us this morning and happy new year to you. >> thank you very much. happy new year to you. >> clayton: thank you. coming up next, a sneak preview
5:50 am
of the presentations already underway in times square. but first, let's check in with gregg jarrett for what's coming up at the top of the hour. good morning, gregg. >> good morning to you. we're going to have the latest from both capitol hill, congress and the white house as the nation braces now for a big cliff dive. we'll also break down for you each and every single tax increase you're going to be paying for and there are many of them. also we'll get medical insight into hillary clinton's condition, all that top of the hour. see you then [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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5:53 am
>> clayton: over a million people will pack times square tonight to ring in the new year. final preps are underway. >> juliet: here with a sneak peek is fox's own lauren, who
5:54 am
looks fairly warm. where are the laughs? >> i have them. i'll show them to you at thend. i look warm? did you see my space heater. we come prepared. i also have the hand heater. >> juliet: those are the best. >> we're trying. other than that, i look like rudolph the red nosed reindeer. >> juliet: you look beautiful. someone threw confetti at me. look at that. >> juliet: security! >> a portable party here. they're all around. actually joining me now is my friend gary from the times square alliance. in a couple hours they're going to shut down times square and then what happens? >> revellers and those from all over the world start descending. >> i'm so glad you said it, cross roads of the world. does anyone from new york ever really come and enjoy the festivities here? >> you would be surprised. we talk to people throughout the
5:55 am
day lining up and getting in and there is people that are local that say it's a bucket list thing, i live here, but i got to do it once. >> so what's so shacking is they're going to clear everything out and then fill up the pens one by one. you mean to tell me that between 3 and 12:15 on january 1, 2013, nobody can leave in that entire time? >> i'm sorry, that last one? >> can anyone leave between 3 and midnight? >> no, they're here to stay. if they go, they can, but they're not going to get back in. nypd has done a great job with security. >> it's cold outside. >> it will get warmer. i saw the forecast. it's going to go up ten degrees. >> in and having fun, time goes by and you forget it? >> there will be a lot of guests. psi, carly rae.
5:56 am
really electrical performance, our tradition is always to play "imagine." that's sort of the communal moment for everyone in the pen. train will be performing that live tonight. the energy and the warmth that starts coming from those performance, people will be fine. >> the theme is let there be peace? >> waterford is one of our partners and let there be peace, crystals are decorated throughout our 11,000 plus pound new year's eve ball. it's a big theme for us this year. >> you started prepping for this new year's eve last new year's eve. >> tomorrow we will start prepping for next year's show. we'll be wrapping up the next few days for next year's show. we're happy it's dry. >> could you imagine if it wasn't dry tonight? what would be the biggest obstacle, in your opinion, in the prep? >> the weather. couple years ago, december 26, the day after christmas is the day we start building all the
5:57 am
staging and everything outside. we had a blizzard two years ago. last year was pretty warm. this year we got a scare on the 26th. weather is always the challenge. it's an outdoor venue, but we're ready to go. >> i saw some guys, they were 20. so they're not even of age, from south africa. they were coming without a hotel room and they had their suitcases and said, we don't care. we're going to stay in times square all day and all night. it's true. it costs about 2 1/2 million dollars to put this party on, which i'm sure you can attest to, gary. but the direct economic impact in spending here is about $25 million. so it's definitely worth it. with that, guy, i'm going to send it back to you and so are my led lights, 2013 glasses. >> juliet: if you happen to run into somebody from "fox & friends," tell them not to bring their suitcases in. >> clayton: where are they going to ditch those? >> juliet: exactly.
5:58 am
>> clayton: more "fox & friends" in two minutes where is flo? anybody know where flo is? are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot. yo, buddy! i got this. gimme one, gimme one, gimme one! the wer of the "name your price" tool.
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